Inside the Pipe Photo Contest – Final Round Pictures & More

Inside the Pipe Photo Contest – Final Round Pictures & More

Creativity is the act of taking a traditional rule, idea, concept, known pattern, known relationship etc… and taking it to a new place of interpretation.

We have our traditional views on one end and then we have the views that drive us forward and allow us to evolve ideas and take them to new places. It’s rather simple & anyone can do it.

If you were at the Chicago Pipe Show you saw the images that made it into the final round of the Most Creative Pipe Photo Contest. If you were not there, you get to see what all the attendees saw.

The contest asked to see our beloved pipes from a new perspective and we got what we asked for.

One of my favorite images was Mark Irwin’s Irish Whiskey. Although it did not make it into the winner’s circle, let me briefly explain my thoughts on it. The image shows the stamps that the Peterson Pipe Factory uses for it’s pipes. Although I do not own a Peterson I am very aware of the immense following the brand has. Looking at this image allows you to step into the Peterson Brand and experience it’s full history & the impact it has on it’s following. The sepia tone used in the image enhances the overall experience. This is the wonderful thing about creativity. It allows us to experience something we know in a different way.

Take a 2-minute break from your work & the world and follow me into the land of creative thought. It will be a short but pleasant experience.

The first and last images are 2 of the 9 posters that were at the Chicago show.




Victor, A Good Pipe Is a Smoke – All Rights Reserved



Peter Solano, Pipe Smoker – All Rights Reserved



Dasa Sajn, Relaxing – All Rights Reserved



Angie Crabtree, This is Not a Pipe – All Rights Reserved



Brendan Ose, I Used to Leave A Trail of Bread Crumbs – All Rights Reserved



Dan Knop, Lucky Pipe – All Rights Reserved



John Semel, Sesame Street Gang – All Rights Reserved



Mark Irwin, AeroBilliard Over Grand Prairie – All Rights Reserved



Kewikis, Put that in your Pipe and Smoke It! – All Rights Reserved



Mark Irwin, Made in Ireland – All Rights Reserved



Matthew Heptinstall, Shaman – All Rights Reserved



Mark Irwin, Holy Smoak – All Rights Reserved



Mike Lancaster, Untitled – All Rights Reserved



Mark Irwin, Irish Whiskey – All Rights Reserved



Saravanan Ravichandran, Graham with a Pipe – All Rights Reserved



Thomas Nagel, Pfeifen Kopf – All Rights Reserved



Wes Brown, Missouri Meets Belgium – All Rights Reserved



Roman and Maria Kovalev, Pipe Cleaner Flower Vase with Briar – All Rights Reserved



Roman Kaufman, A Deep Conversation – All Rights Reserved



Olivier Rousseau, Theres Been An Accident – All Rights Reserved



Mark Irwin, The AeroBilliard Hangar Radice Workshop Cucciago Italy – All Rights Reserved



Grega Sajn, No Rush – All Rights Reserved



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