‘See Pipes Different’ Series: Project A – J.T. Cooke Sandblast

‘See Pipes Different’ Series: Project A – J.T. Cooke Sandblast

TobaccoDays (TD) is committed to showing you; the pipe-maker, the pipe collector, the pipe hobbyist – the pipe world from a different perspective. Every topic covered on TD aims to make you think different. Aims to make you see different. Anything & everything that we can bundle up together and have the final outcome alter an existing attitude on the subject covered, is considered a wonderful day here at TD.

I have been working on this project for close to a year. Unfortunately with work, transplanting myself to Los Angeles from San Francisco, finding a woman in my life whom I now live with & the aforementioned ‘daily work’ item again, it has taken me quite some time to bring this project to actual execution. The day has finally arrived though and I am happy it is here.

Today I launch a new series which has the aim to highlight the beautiful & varied texture on our beloved pipes. Yes, we hold our pipes, caress them, enjoy them & smoke them day in and day out. Do we ever miss some of the small details though? Can we look at them any deeper? Of course we can.

To assist that process, I went out and hired a professional photographer (high-speed camera, strobe lights, big set-up & all) and took macro pictures of pipes to focus on their surface, their texture. The next phase of the project required me to find a way to express the beauty of the pipe’s surface. Since I lack any skill in the photo shop arena, I went out and hired a professional graphic designer and together we art-directed the project and took it to it’s final stages. The question of – How do we show the beauty of the pipe’s surface & make sure that we ‘really see it’ was the one thing guiding this project. While the pipe’s surrounding’s are definitely photo-shopped, the actual surface of the pipe remains 100% untouched. You are looking at the actual pipe surface of a J.T. Cooke pipe, as it looks in reality. This was part of the project’s point. To show the surface, unchanged, in order to highlight it’s ‘interest factor’ that much more.

I will release new images every so often and I do hope you enjoy them.

A side-note: There is not enough collaboration on our side of things over here. I reached out to several other pipe hobbyists (same as me, people with a little website, little voices like mine in our little hobby) with the goal of working with them on this project. Rather unfortunately, I got zero responses. Lots of talk up until that point, after zilch. There is a strong ‘I have my piece and what’s mine is mine’ attitude. At least in the web sphere. Pipe-makers, day in and day out, collaborate with one another and those collaborations Help Move Things Forward. Hopefully more collaboration with others will occur in the future.

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Project A – J.T. Cooke Sandblast

Jim Cooke has been my guinea pig from the start. He was my first interview on this website several years ago. He is my first pipe in this series. The reason why I say Guinea Pig is that when one does something for the 1st time, one usually uses that first time to filter out mistakes and issues. If you read the interview I did with Jim way back when and compare it to my interviews of late, you will notice a distinct difference in style and delivery. Long story short, I thank Jim for his continued open participation with me & appreciate all his kindness and patience.

If you would like to read the interview with Jim we did together over 2 years ago, please click here Jim Cooke Interview on TobaccoDays, August, 2011

J.T. makes the most exquisite sandblasts. The detail that Jim applies to his work is other-worldly. Jim is easily described as ‘a little eccentric’ when it comes to sandblasting & I personally, love him for it. If you do not know the depth of Jim’s sandblasting process, I strongly encourage you to read the above mentioned interview. It is an eye-opening experience on taking sandblasting to new levels.

His sandblasts lend themselves to a very obvious ‘rocky’, ‘mountainous’ type of motif & hence what you are about to see. I hope you enjoy.

Feel free to download the images and use as a screen-saver or just download and print it out and hang it up in your pipe-cave. If your having issues with the download, please accept my apologies and check back here again shortly. It should work as a Right Mouse Click – then select SAVE AS & Download to your computer.

Project A – J.T. Cooke Sandblast – Image 1

Project A – J.T. Cooke Sandblast – Image 2

Project A – J.T. Cooke Sandblast – Image 3

All of the pipes you see from this series are available for download in various sizes, ranging from:
1. Very Large Files that will produce decent sized Posters.
2. Smaller Files, suitable for use as Desktop Screen Savers.

Feel free to download these files and place them inside the pipe smoking area of your home or other suitable space.
To download the files, please visit the TobaccoDays Flickr Page, found here.

To give you an idea of how beautiful these images can be either printed out on paper or placed on your desktop, scroll down to see an image with size 2048 x 1255, 1/3rd of maximum size.


Upon visiting the link, each image is marked either ‘Large File’ or ‘Desktop Computer Screen Saver’. Click on the image and in the lower right corner you will see three consecutive dots (. . .), click on them, a menu will appear and you should select ‘Download/All Sizes’ & you are taken to a page showing you the various sizes available for that image. Select a suitable size for your needs by clicking on it & at top of page you can click download and that is what will happen.

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did producing them.

Much more to come. Next pipe is a 1917 Dunhill Patent pipe. An incredible piece.



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